Sunday, May 6, 2012

Star Wars Cupcakes

What does one do when they get a 3-days notice order for 150 cupcakes with 6 individual designs to be made on an agreed upon number of them? Well.. If you're as crazy as I am, you accept that order, of course! Never mind that I had another order due on the same day as well. Never mind that the day I was to deliver my order was my friend's bridal shower. Never mind that I also had a lot of course work to tend to. Every day, I come closer to the conclusion that I'm insane. But, I also know that I love a challenge and I really didn't want to say no to this one.

Mr. Nerdy Face (a.k.a Fahed) of Nerdyface held an event last Friday; NerdyCon: Star Wars Day Celebration. I was asked to make Star Wars cupcakes for the event. Fahed had sent over cupcakes ideas that he liked. So, I got to doing a bit of my research on what could possibly be done in the short span of time I had. We agreed on 6 designs and both seemed happy with it. That was before I realized I had to hand carve around 80 designs individually and make them all look somehow identical. But anywaayyyy :P 

On the day of baking, my lovely assistant and ball of positive energy Majed came over to help me out in the evening. We had started cutting, carving, icing, shaping, laughing, crying, singing, plotting against anyone who would say something bad about the cupcakes hoping everyone would love the cupcakes, all up till 7:00am. Yes, you read correct. We were in the kitchen till just a bit after sunrise. I'm not sure how we did it (the force must have been with us). And I'm not sure what I would have done without Majed's help. But I am SO glad we got it done and that it's over. Majed, if you're reading this, I am ever so grateful for everything you've helped me with!

Galactic Empire
Cutest little munchkin! - Photo taken by Fahed Sabbagh, Mr. Nerdy Face
Mandelorian (boba fett)
General Grievous & Rebel Alliance
On the day of the event, after getting just 3 hours of sleep, I headed down with my stepdad to deliver the goods. I can't tell you how amazing it felt when Fahed quietly said, "Wicked" Yup, my job there was done :D I hope whomever tried the cupcakes enjoyed them! And I hope I didn't disappoint any Star Wars mega fans.

Princess Leia

Photo taken by Fahed Sabbagh, Mr. Nerdy Face
Photo taken by Fahed Sabbagh, Mr. Nerdy Face
Photo taken by Fahed Sabbagh, Mr. Nerdy Face

Shou Droids? - Photo taken by Fahed Sabbagh, Mr. Nerdy Face

Happy Baking and May The Force Be With You!