Wednesday, June 6, 2012

BBQ Cake

So, guess what? I'm graduating... TOMORROW! *breaks into a dance* I can't find the words to describe my excitement. Albeit I will still be doing my last couple electives so I'll officially be a graduate by mid July (إنشاء الله) But still, VERY EXCITED! :D Bought myself a new dress and a pair of shoes to wear on the occasion. I think I earned it after 4 years full of hard work, craziness, emotional roller coasters, life lessons, friendships, tough decisions, growing mentally (and physically ;) ), and wonderful memories. Here's to many more years full of character!

On to the cake! As you may have read in my previous post about Majed helping me out so much in my cake-making adventures, I decided I had to return the favor to him in some way. And what better way than to do it through cake? Majed's known as the BBQ Man in our circle. It was inevitable to make him a BBQ cake; it just simply had to be done. (I was actually planning to make this since late January and it was all hush hush since then).

All toppers are made with molded/shaped cake & covered with fondant
It was a three-day affair, with the first day dedicated to baking the cakes and getting all the fillings and butter cream frosting ready. The second day I packed all my tools, cakes, frostings and the odd rolling pin over to Hana's place to get decorating. Hana was enjoying hand-crafting the cake toppers while I got down to icing the base of the cake and trying to smooth it out as much as my spatula allowed me to. After 7 hours of hard labor (read: serious cake decorating), we were pleased with our result. Now it was all down to getting it to Majed's place the next day to surprise him with it.

Majed's hearty steak

The surprise was successful! Majed had no clue. He was wildly confused; it was amusing to watch him walk around his living room and greet all of us with a big question mark on his face. Quote of the day from Majed: Holy sh*t! This is the best cake EVER! *Yasmin and Hana put success faces on and tip their hats* Our work here is done.

"burning coal" made from tinted marshmallows
Enjoying his [sweet] steak
This cake goes right to the top of my list. Not trying to blow my own horn but I am very proud of this cake because it brought so much joy to everyone who saw it and ate it!

Filling: center + top is chocolate ganache & the rest is chocolate butter cream with crushed Maltesers

Death by cake, it happens.

Once again, Happy Birthday Majed. Hope you enjoyed it x

Happy Baking!