Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chocopologie Café - Chocolatier

Earlier this week, I was taking a stroll around Festival Marina, Dubai Festival City. There's a few new restaurants open there but this one place caught my eye: Chocopologie. Needless to say, the name alone was intriguing enough to get me in there within 5 minutes.

After being shown around by a friendly waitress, I promised myself I would go there for brunch since they served all-day breakfast! (How exciting is that?! I love breakfast food!)

So within the next few days, I was craving for some french toast. I usually make my own but I do get my extra lazy days when I'd prefer to just sit down at a nice place, order it and have it sitting right in front of me just waiting to be wolfed down. Okay, enough ranting now..

I told my friend Hamna (Twitter Handle: @hamna_), who is a fellow chocolate-eating zombie, about Chocopologie and we decided to have brunch there. We were welcomed and seated by our waiter Ray, who was very helpful and friendly.

Hamna had the omelette stuffed with tomatoes and cheese with a side salad

I had the french toast with maple syrup and a side of strawberry salad.

The verdict: YUM! That is all.

Ray was also kind enough to offer us some chocolates to try.

On the left: Patricia - dark chocolate on the outside, white chocolate inside with sweet mexican & ancho chilli filling.
Top: Lauren - milk chocolate covered in walnuts with a pear ganache filling.
Right: Kelly - 64% dark chocolate with a strawberry and lemon tart filling (my personal favorite).
Bottom: Charlotte (named after the founder's sister) - milk chocolate with a basil and apricot filling.

They were divine, to say the least

Interestingly enough, most of the chocolates are named after women. Ray informed us that they were women the founder had met on his travels around the world (ahem) in search for unique ingredients to use to make his chocolates.

The interior of the café has a Victorian theme, not my personal favorite style but quite interesting for a café.

Here's some more pictures of what they have to offer from chocolates and pastries.

These truffles are one of the world's most expensive chocolates.

I'll definitely be visiting them again soon to have a taste of some of their unique pastries. Till then, I'll settle for drooling over the photos.

Find out more about Chocopologie!


  1. Alright so its currently 5am and your post is very long, so I've only just quickly browsed through it and this place looks really interesting. We must go soon!

  2. Oh, also, congrats on 500 visits!!

  3. My daughter would love this place - my waitstline wouldn't!

  4. Adil: Sorry about the long post but I just had to share my experience there, loved the place! And quickly browsing through is fine by me, the pictures are self explanatory ;)

    Sally: Your waistline can take a day off, treat yourself and you little angel! :)