Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Home-Made Crackers with Sesame Seeds

After I had made Apple Pie yesterday, I had some left-over pie dough (cut off after the crimping process). Usually I just cover it in cling wrap and freeze it till I plan on making pie again. But my step-dad gave me a better idea: Crackers!

The pie dough I make only has 1 tablespoon of sugar in it and 1/2 a tablespoon of salt; I prefer to make the filling extra sweet to counteract with the crust. So it's essentially tasteless with a flaky texture. I decided to get creative and just give it a shot; I like to step away from the recipe books every now and then.

Here are the results:

Thawed out the dough then rolled it into a cube-like cylinder

I love sesame seeds

They were lovely, light and flaky. My step-dad fell in love with them and already asked me to bake a bigger batch soon :)

Never say no to creativity, you might eventually get some delicious crackers!


  1. Ooooh interesting! Never knew how crackers were made, now I know LOL
    Hope you saved a couple for me!

  2. Oh this isn't HOW they're made. This is just how I made them :P

  3. I always thought crackers were supposed to be thin and frail.


  4. Well they are, in fact the next time I make these I'm going to cut them thinner! :)

  5. Love the step by step instructions and the sesame topping.

  6. Thank you Sally! Glad you enjoyed it :)